Cable Hose Chokers

The CABLE CHOKER has a specially designed nylon spool which allows the cable to tighten down on the hose during a failure. Unlike the WHIP CHECK or the steel Hobble Clamp, the CABLE CHOKER will continue tightening down sometimes even choking off the air for a more controlled release.

The force calculator will give you the forces created during a failure with fluid.

To calculate the force on hoses with air or gases, double the fluid reading.


Air-200 %

OSHAcademy Occupational Safety & Health Training  

When ordering please provide ID-OD & PSI of hose.



1.5 inch 5000 PSI Cable Choker.
Cable Hose Choker
Cable hose choker testing
Cable Hose Choker
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Whip Check Cable Choker
Whip Check Cable Choker

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Cable choker, whip check